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Thursday, October 1, 2009 @ 7:09 PM
Treachery. *Chapter 7*

Child-At-Heart. ^^

He did take that as an order. He didn't follow me. I was alone. I can be myself.

Canteen. I was hungry that I ate a lot of this effin cupcakes. Hmn, with blueberries, I think. They're good but I never really paid attention to it. I just ate my heart out.

Couples' Park. Just a detour. At the end of the park, there's some kind of a play ground that's supposed to be used by kids but because the staff fear that the children may imitate what they see on the way - you know, couples all over the park showing affection - they made another one. I'm pretty sure this one's depeopled.

I reached the playground and I was right. I beamed while I took a sit in the swing. The air is really cool. I should enjoy this while I could.

But after minutes of alone time...

"Hey, Leanne! What's the screaming all about?" my best friend, seemed annoyed at my 'wooohs' and 'yipeeees'. She changed a lot when they suspected me as a crazy girl. Now, she's treating me like I have a disease or something.

"Oh, Charie, wanna come and join?" I don't mind what she'll tell the others. I just want to have fun. Be myself, just like what I'm doing before.

"Sure." she took a seat but refused to swing it. "I've got something to tell you and I want you to listen very carefully. You need to understand this. Please stop screaming first." she whispered in a voice that is mixed of curtness, concern and deliberation. As if she wants me to really grasp the meaning of her words.

"Okay." I giggled.

"Leanne Courtney Wolfe. I'm not being bitter to you or something. I'm not siding those damn hypocrite schoolmates of ours, either. But I will pretend, yeah, I'm just pretending to believe them. I'm doing that in order to know their hidden agenda and to do a sweet revenge on them. In a way that they will really have no holes to come out on. Including all the officials. They will be ashamed of believing such a thing. They'll be discovered as hypocrites who sides only on who has their needs. And eventually, today, it's that traitor neighbor of ours, Cedric." she said.

"Charie, you don't have to do this. But you know it's nice to know. I appreciate it so much but it's a risk, a very good one. What if they discover your plan before you do it? You probably know what will happen to you. You'll be removed from your cheering squad because of a crazy gossip they'll tell about you."

"Courtney." I really know she's serious about this now. She never calls me with my second name except if she's really serious. "I am fully aware of those. Like you said, I don't care. They could say whatever they want. That's all just words. But you're important to me compared to them. I would stand with you no matter what. Just be quiet about this and they'll never know."

"You really sure about this?" at last, my friend is still there.

"Of course. They'll be checking on your mails so we can't talk there. Don't do something they'll think silly at the moment. They might as well have someone to act as a surveillance personnel near your house to watch your steps. If I could make it earlier, I could prevent them from kicking you out of the campus. I know that's a bad record, but if I couldn't, I'll still find a way so that you'll get back there and they will be given a very dirty record for doing that to you."

"Thank you so much, Charie. I owe you my life. Please, take care." I'm already close to tears but I'll fight them back. They can't know we're having a serious talk here.

"Now, pretend like I'm humiliating you, like I'm telling you awful things." she looked scary at the same second she said it.

"O-okay." I said, unsure.

"Leanne! Look at yourself! You look so awful, playing in a playground. You're too old for this stuffs!" and she suppressed an evil laugh.

"Charie, I'm having fun here. Stop laughing. Why don't you just join me?"

"Join you?! Are you crazy?!" and she laughed again, this time hysterically. "Yeah, I forgot you are. Well, you're gonna be late for the next subject, which is Calculus and Mr. Holt doesn't approve of late-comers. Especially when they're crazy."

She left. Faking a laugh. She's so good at this.

I was alone. Again. I ran to my locker and grabbed my things for Calculus. I only have a minute left to make it. I really need to hurry or Mr. Holt will embarrass me in front of everyone.

I reached for the door for Calculus class and found it empty. Where are they?

"Oh, where are my classmates?" I asked. Loud enough to make people look at me.

"Look at her! She doesn't even have Calculus today but she came rushing to their classroom!" and the girl laughed so hard together with a bunch of friends. All of them wearing pink.

I hurried back to my locker and found out that it's not Calculus but Physics. I felt mad at Charie. I thought she was helping me? Why does she have to do that?

I opened the door and they are all busy with a group work.

"Why are you so late Ms. Wolfe?" Mrs. Blair, our professor, asked me. It surprised me that her tone was rather concerned than teasing.

"I looked at a wrong sched, Mrs. Blair. I'm so sorry." I said, looking at my feet.

"That's fine. Now, join Charie's group down there and they'll tell you what to do. You're only late for a few minutes, Leanne. You haven't missed much." she sounded like my mother when I was five and I can't still tie my shoelaces.

I sat beside Charie. And all their eyes were on me. They are all concerned, some looked at my like I am something pitiful to see but at least, they're not teasing, smug and bad.

To be continued.