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Monday, September 7, 2009 @ 7:43 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 3*

Couples' Park.

I tried to walk in fast paces but Cedric still follows my steps without any difficulty. What is his problem, by the way? Among all persons in this place, why is it that I'm the one he's following?! I could feel the stares of our neighbors bore to me and to him.

"Hey Leanne, in a hurry?" Oh my gosh! He's starting the conversation now. Cut it. Cut it. Cut it.

"Yeah-I-am." I said in a rush voice.

"Why?" he asked.

"I forgot a homework or two at my locker."

"Oh, you have a homework for today? I don't have one. Could you let me copy yours?"

"Sure, I'll hand them to you later - Good morning too, Ronald." I greeted the guard who let me in without checking if I have my ID. We're buddies, Ronald. :) Luckily, Cedric was left there, arguin with him 'coz he haven't brought his ID and that he's a new student and everything. I'm gonna use this time to go to my fave place in school. I'm sure he can't find me there. For a newbie like him, that place wont attract him so much.

Here I am, my fave place. :D It's the school park known as Couples' Park today. A place where lovers usually go and show some affection. It's natural now that they're a bunch. But single girls never stay here, they usually get jealous. Charie even advised me to find a new fave place 'coz this is too love-aired, as she said, but I wouldn't trade this for a new one yet.

I sat on my permanent bench and watched the couples. Some of them holding hands and both beaming, one having a word war ("YOU TOLD ME I'M THE ONLY ONE YOU LOVE!!!! THEN WHO'S THAT GIRL?!!!!!" "I'M SO TIRED OF YOU OVER-ACTING. FOR THE TWENTIETH TIME, SHE'S JUST A FRIEND!!" "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, YOU LIAR!!!" "THEN LET'S END THIS UP!!!"), one kissing like there's no tomorrow, one at their courting stage. I smiled as I saw the girl hesitating to the boy's touch even though it's obvious that he likes him too. Then, I also saw a very handsome boy, but he's alone. That face?! No girl friend? Quite impossible in this school. He might've just splitted up a while ago... - I stopped dead to stare at the boy more closely... CEDRIC?!! How could he find me here? No one ever told him that this is my favorite place! Grrr!

"Charie, there you are!" he called from a distance.

"Yeah, hahaha." I laughed humorlessly.

"I thought you forgot to do a homework or two? Then why are you here without any notebook?"

"I was... wrong. Those... were... due tomorrow." I lied but I'm sure he's not deceived.

"Oh, could you help me in doing them, then?"

"I think that'll be taught again today. You could just listen to our professor."

"Okay. I guess I'll... see you around." He seemed sad. Why?

"Yeah. I guess... so."

Why is he sad? And why am I feeling sorry for him? Yeah, I feel a bit guilty of putting him away. I'm sure he's not an idiot to believe on those lies. It's so obvious. He looks so smart and he could've realized it in a second even if I do them in codes. Oh well, there's no point in feeling guilty now. I need to rush to my locker to get my things for the first subject. I don't want to be late in History. Mr. Brown is so strict.

I half-ran to my locker and got my things. I have nearly five minutes to be safe from Mr. Brown's punishment for late ones and I was lucky to get there on time. By the time I sat on my chair at the middle isle, (I was infront and the chair beside me is always empty, actually, it's the only one unseated.) Mr. went in and greeted us all.

"Good morning." he said in a cold voice. It sounds like he wants to scare us but he's always like that and we're used to it. So we answered, "Good morning Mr. Brown." in chorus of different pitches and sat down on our chairs.

The door swang open. Out there was a sweaty, panting, handsome guy... It occured to me after a whole minute that it's... Cedric. Again. And he's going to sit on the only vacant chair at this classroom. The chair beside mine. Amp. Amp. Amp!

"Good morning Mr. Ayala. But I'm afraid new students, not because they're new here can just run and interrupt a class about to start. As a new student, Mr. Ayala, you need to get used to rules of the school and at this point in time, my rules inside my classroom. My only rule is this, No one, and I really mean no one, is allowed to be late no matter what the reason is. Do you understand, Mr. Ayala?" he said curtly.

"Yes, Mr. Brown. I am so sorry to be late in your class. I promise to never get lost before your class, sir." he answered with his eyes lingering on me.

"I believe you know Ms. Wolfe?" he gestured towards me. "Your eyes always goes to her since you entered my class." he made a hand sign so Cedric, that was about to interrupt, stopped at once, "I don't care if you're courting her, Mr. Ayala. But you could do that after my time so please take a seat beside her and forget about the courtings for an hour and a half." He stared at the chair, apparently making Cedric seat there and spoke again. "I will permit you to skip today in my punishment but the next time that you come in late, you'll get twice of it, you get it?"

"Yes Mr. Brown." said Cedric nervously.

To be continued.