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Friday, September 18, 2009 @ 6:47 PM
Treachery. *Chapter 5*

A Ride With Dad.

Yes, my guess is right. This day was ruined.

I wasn't able to see Cedric the whole day and every class was on slow motion. After the attention-catcher act after History class, the story spread-out like swishing air all over the campus and I could feel glares of everyone I bump into bore to me. It made me self-concious but I concentrated on how not to bump in lockers or doors. After all classes were finshed, I headed straight home wishing that I haven't.

"Leanne?" my Mom called.

"Yeah Mom. It's me." I said gloomily.

"You look sad. Any problem?"

"Naw. Just tired." I turned my back on her and saw her reflection in the mirror on my way. It's half worried and half curious. How much does my mom know?

I reached the door of my room, opened it and lied down on my bed. I was too tired and problematic to remember changing clothes first. I recalled it just when I stopped thinking of the scene where I behaved far from myself. It was like someone was controlling me. But that's far too impossible to happen.

I was never a fan of magic, cults or even supernatural things. But now, I'm starting to think that because of my description to them, which is repulsive, I was feeling what it was to be one of them now. And I have nothing to do to stop it. *wallbash to the infinite power* I'm crazy, I know it. Doing those, I'm sure I'll be entered to a mental hospital seconds from now.

The next thing I knew, it was dinnertime.

I slept so sound that I ruined the order in my bed. I am 100 percent sure there's a problem with me now. Since Cedric came, my peaceful life was destroyed. Who is he by the way? Intruding, destroying my life? Argh! I really hate him.

"Leanne, sweetie, come downstairs and eat. Your brother's already finished." my mom called.

"Okay." I said, in a voice that is so low I wonder if my mom heard it at all.

"Leanne? - Oh, maybe she's still asleep, James. Please go and check."

"Sure." my dad's voice and footsteps getting louder. I should pretend to be asleep for a while, at least. So that they wont think I'm slumping here or something.

Knock, knock. "Leanne. Come downstairs and eat, okay? I'm sure you're hungry. Wake up now." daddy's calm voice called for me and I looked at the mirror to see if I look convincing.

I looked like I just woke up but nothing's wrong. I opened my door.

"Hey... Dad... What were you... saying?" I said grumpily. I was just acting and I think my dad's pretty convinced about it.

"Go downstairs and eat. We're already finished but we left some for you. I know you're hungry." he looked tired and sleepy so I just went downstairs.

"Mom, sorry I wasn't able to join you tonight. I just woke up."

"That's fine, dear. I understand. You're tired, right?"

"Mmm-hmmm." I said as I nibbled mom's delicious steak.

"Eat well and dress up to bed. Okay?"

"Yes, Mom."

After a few minutes, I finished eating and changed. I brushed my teeth and had a shower. Then, I fell asleep. Again. :))

Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk. Loud clanks from the roof woke me. It's raining. Yey! I might regain my old self with this. I love rainy days.

I dressed for school and ate breakfast. My dad invited me for a ride to school and I said yes. I miss our car so much.

"Dad, what happened to your radio? It sucks." I told him.

"Poor signal. It's raining, remember?" Dad said.

"Ow. You might as well buy a new antenna for your radio when you buy new wipers." I reminded him.

"Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot. Thanks for recalling! - Oh, here we are. Have you brought your umbrella? It's raining hard. - Goodbye, then."

"Bye, Dad. See you later." I waved at him.

Out on the distance, I saw him. The reason for my hardships, Cedric. He's walking with a small umbrella and he's kind of wet already. I felt the urge to go near him and ask him to join in my umbrella instead, since it's a bit bigger than his. But I fought it. I was mad with him. I shouldn't do that. Or am I really mad?

To be continued.