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Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 2:15 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 1*


"Whoa! What a sunny day!" I screamed in a half-shrieking voice. Everyone in this town knows that I hate the sun.

"Hey, Leanne! Over here!" called my very best pal, Charie. We've been friends since preparatory and she knows me as much as I know myself. Charie is very beautiful and kind. She is the cheer leading captain of our school team and she's been the president of the dance club for four straight years. I was with her all the way. I accompany her every cheering and dance practices. When she performs, she always invites me to evaluate her performance. As for me, she joins me every volleyball and swimming training. She also supports me during competitions. She's my one and only BFF.

"Wait up! You know I... really hate this kind of hours... Argh! My knee... hurts!" I panted.

"What happened to the Miss Athletic of the Year?" she laughed. What a situation to make fun of me. I really can't run properly whenever it's hot. Too good, the stadiums have roof.

"Okay... Hey, look over there! What's that truck doing in that abandoned house?"

"No one lives there. They might have made a mistake with the address."

"No, I don't think so. They've just opened the gate!" I managed to tell her while running to see who had the key to that house.

A boy, probably just our age, has the key to the spacious but deserted house. He can't live there alone! That house is to big for him. And I'm pretty sure he can't maintain its cleanliness. By the way he acts, he seemed to be raised with maids. Charie finds him attractive but he really isn't. Oh, well, if there would be someone attractive in this place, that would absolutely be Jon. He's just so gorgeous... a true-to-life version of Edward Cullen, to be exact.

Speaking of him... "Hey, Charie, Leanne, *grin* how's your day?" He's absolutely saved that line for me.

"Annoying." I shortly replied.

"Look at that new resident. He looks masculine, right? We might ask him to join our basketball varsity for the upcoming league. He looks fit for basketball, isn't he?" Jon is athletic too. He is a really good player in both basketball, soccer and tennis. He had won our settlement lots of sports award in his field. He is very famous in our place and of course, in my world.

"We don't speak basketball players, Jon. Better ask your teammates for that." Charie retorted.

"Okay, okay. Relax Miss Cheerleader of the Year!"

"Yeah, Miss Cheer captain. Get a grip with your patience. You're losing it." I teased.

At the distance, I heard the boy speak.

"My name is Cedric, sir. Thank you for helping me and my mother find a house and for bringing our things here too. My mother asked me to give you this, by the way." he said as he handed couple of bills to him.

"Oh, no, son. No need. I'm hired to do this job for free. It's one of the mayor's services here. Don't worry. Save that up for your repair of the house." said the mid-old driver of the truck.

The truck soon leaved. We had a better view of the family now. His mother maybe is in her 30's and obviously looks tired. He seems to be the father of the family these days. I wonder where his father is.

Charie and Jon are now pacing back to the court leaving me here, still gawking at our new neighbors. I decided to go home and ask my parents if they know about them transferring here.

"Dad, do you know our new neighbors?"

"Of course I do, sweetie. Your godfather told me about them. The woman's a widower. His husband died a few weeks ago. The reason why they transferred was because their house is so big and they can't keep it clean and... you know, memories of her deceased husband are there. The child can't bare living there with her mother alone. They decided to stay on a smaller house. Blimey, they're very rich!" Dad told me.

"Now, stop tittle-tattling, James. That's rude! Especially to the new folks here in our place. Respect their privacy, please." my Mom, a very disciplined one, scolded my Dad.

I finished the remains of my pasta and went straight to bed. I grabbed my diary. Poor me, my diary's already antique-looking. I scribbled what happened this day and scrambled at my bed. Tomorrow's a busy day. I mean, school day. Would he be at school? I wondered until I fell asleep.

To be continued.