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Sunday, September 27, 2009 @ 5:34 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 6*

Cedric's Apology.

Yes, I'm mad. I should be. He's the reason the whole campus thinks I'm crazy. They're screwing up data such as the fact that I stay in the Couple's Park, that I hate the sun but love rainy days, that I love collecting doll clothes and not the dolls (D'oh! I want to be a fashion designer someday and I'm self-studying on how clothes are made.) and a lot more awful things. They also look up to Cedric as their 'Night in Shining Armor' or something for making them realize that I am really crazy. *sigh* Good thing I have a swimming training today. I might be able to be with Charie again.

I was pacing, nearly running and he caught up with me in no time.

"Leanne." he said, panting.

"Now what?!" I spatted, looking at my umbrella.

"Could we talk?" he said gently, as if I haven't shouted at him.

"About what? Facts that prove I'm crazy?" I said then laughed dryly.

"No. But it has a connection with that - now, could you please lower your voice?"

"So, what is it?" I didn't made an effort to answer his last question but lowered my voice.

"I'm so sorry. Sorry that you acted weirdly yesterday after History class and sorry that people are thinking that you're crazy for doing that. I'm really sorry -" I opened my mouth to argue but he shutted me up. "Please let me talk first. I'm really sorry about those things. I know you really love swimming but because of me, they're now removing you. I'm really very sorry. I'll do my best to fix everything. And I would like a little help from you. Please stop acting weirdly whenever you see me in corridors and avoid going in the Couple's Park these days. It would help them realize that all their suspicions aren't true." I could sense the sincerity in his apology but I can't seem to understand what he said.

"W-w-what?" I stared at him blankly while he looked more apologetic. "I am removed where? Please. Are you kidding me?"

"No. I'm serious." he hesitated, then resumed. "The student whom I think is your coach approached me happily yesterday before I go home. She said that you're not a part of the swimming team now that you're crazy." I noticed the tears falling through my cheek. "I'm really sorry, please don't cry. It only makes me feel more guilty. Please don't." But my tears just wont stop. "Okay, I'll make it up to you. I'll escort you anywhere, you could make me do anything as a punishment and you'll just stop when you think it's enough." he grabbed my hand and didn't even wait for my answer. He dragged me to our first class, History.

History was worse. The teacher wasn't calling me. Afraid of me, maybe. Stupid hypocrite he is. He likes me, he told me that. I'm his favorite. And because of those rumors, he's avoiding me now. Cedric realized the change and he looked more apologetically to me, waiting for an order I would make.

I wasn't really asking him anything. He just kept on following me all day. He even changed his schedule close to mine. All of them were thinking that he's doing it to monitor me and discover more theories to prove I'm really crazy. I could hear them cheering and encouraging Cedric while he threw them dirty looks.

At last, I knew what my first command will be. "Please, leave me alone. I need my privacy." I said when he absentmindedly attempted to enter the ladies' bathroom. He was surprised of what he was doing and stopped at the door. "Okay. I'm just here." he said, embarrassed.

Dang, the line's so long. After a minute or two, I went out and saw him talking to a man, familiar face, but I don't know his name. His probably just at the same year as ours.

"...so, uhm, yeah, I'm even thinking of making her fall in love to me so that I could monitor her longer." Cedric said what?!!

"That's a good idea! Very clever, people will be happy to hear this." the man replied.

"Hey, Cedric!" I called, pretending that I'm unaware of their conversation.

They both looked startled by my sudden appearance but composed their features abruptly. The man waved good bye to him and told him good luck and then he faced me.

"That was long, huh?" He was now changing the subject. Oh, crap, why did I believe him in the first place? Such a liar. I hate you so much

I placed a hand in his shoulder rather stronger than necessary and replied, "Long line."

Finally, the only class he hadn't managed to adjust to be with me, P.E. Coach Barner asked us to change fast and ready ourselves for a hard swimming training. I'm used to all of that, I thought smugly. After years of swimming training, it's just like walking and running to me.

"Class, I have thought of dividing you lot in groups. Group 1 would be doing the training first. The second after them. Get it?" said Mr. Barner.

"Yes, coach." We said altogether.

"Okay, Ms. Arden, Williams, Shrine, Rogers, Miller, Harris, Mr. Scott, Jones, Tennessee, Clark, Baker, Wilson, Murphy, you're all in the first group. Stay here and talk for your strategy.

"Ms. Diaz, Simmons, Foster, Powell, Woods, Wolfe, *wince* Ross, Mr. Bennett, Collins, Campbell, Lopez, Hill, Lee, you're all in the second. You stay here and talk of your strategy." he told us while we grouped ourselves on a corner and commanded the first group on the other side, "Hey, Group 1, you have fifteen minutes to brainstorm and then we shall start." he looked at us and said, "And to this group, while you watch and wait for your turn, you could brainstorm. There's a possibility that you'll do it tomorrow, if the time isn't enough."

After fifteen slow minutes, he paced to the other side of the pool and shouted to the stretching members of Group 1, "Ready... Set... *whistle*"

The time was spent only to their test and Coach Barner told us to prepare for tomorrow.

I spotted Cedric talking to the same man again. I already know his name. He's one of my teammates and his name is Bradley Campbell.

"...goodness, she's so tame today! No weird, crazy acts." Bradley beamed at him and he saw Cedric sigh so he composed his face again, "But we are supposed to spot her doing something strange."

"Yeah, right. I really guess there's another one, Brad. Oh, gotta go! She's probably waiting for me." Cedric said.

I pretended to read the bullettin outside the gym when he saw me and said, "How's P.E.?"


"Okay. Let's go and eat. I'm sure you're hungry."

"Naw. I want some fresh air. And I wont come to that stupid Couple's Park, so don't follow me anymore."

"Is that an order?"

"Obviously." and I walked away from him.

To be continued.