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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 @ 2:10 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 2*

The Ayalas.

Morning. I woke up at 6:00am and I was surprised to see the clouds but not the sun. What's wrong today?

*Yawn* "Now this is the Good Morning!" I rose and ran downstairs. It's pretty obvious that I'm enjoying myself. From the view I saw at my room... By the way, my room has the prettiest view of all the rooms in the house. It's at the second floor and has a small terrace. You could see both the sunrise and sunset there. My mom bought me a small tea table but I'm using it when I make my assignments. The room needs no light anymore. The terrace gives enough light for it. I asked dad to put some spotlights in it so that I could use them when I feel to. I have a large bed and every week, our maid changes its sheets. This week, the color combination is green. I have a couch near my bed with throw pillows of different sizes and a flat screen TV. I also have a DVD player and stacks of Cd's of my favorite. Near it, is my laptop and study table. My study table is spacey and clean. I have a small cork board to remind me of thing to bring and everything. I asked for a small cabinet near it where I will place my study things of all sorts. I also have my own washroom at the corner of my room. I asked dad to put a tub there so I can enjoy my bath. Just beside it is my dressing room. My cabinet (which is covered with glass) is sliding and that's where I put my bags, shoes, accessories and clothes. My mom is so organized that she asked the carpenters to place shelves for my things.

"Enjoying the sunless day, eh?" my Dad guessed.

"Absolutely." I beamed at him.

We have backed macaroni and garlic bread for breakfast today. After eating my meal, I went upstairs to prepare. I was about to leave when the doorbell rang.

*Ding dong!* then my dad opened the door. I could hear clearly what he says to the visitor. "Oh, good morning, Reema! You're our new neighbor, right? So nice of you to give us spaghetti! Come in and meet my family!" my dad maybe is the most hospitable person I have met.

"Thank you. What's your name again?" the woman said.

"James. James Wolfe. Here's my wife, Margarette, my daughter, Leanne and my son, Riley."

"It's nice to meet you -"

"Reema. Reema Ayala. And my son - Hey, Cedric! Come over here and meet our new neighbors. - this boy, is Cedric. Probably just Lianne's age." the woman finished.

So they're really rich! The Ayala's are known almost all over the Philippines for a place named after them, Ayala Alabang. I think they also have a partnership with Sy Group of Companies. Y'know, the owner of SM Malls. Lol.

"It's nice to meet all of you. And good morning." said Cedric with an affable smile showing his gleaming white teeth inside those pinkish lips. His eyes were black and happy and I could see those laugh lines. Argh! He smiles arrogantly.

"Y-yeah, n-nice to meet you too." Why am I struggling with words?! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Mrs. Ayala said they still need to stroll and meet the other neighbors that's why they need to go. My mom obviously looks interested in the way she dresses. I mean, the way she mixes up clothes and carries them. My dad, smiling too much - it seems to me like a smug one and he keeps on looking at me with bigger smiles - said good bye.

As I went out of the house, I quily spotted Charie and Jon. Probably they're waiting for me. We always go to school together.

"...she's beautiful, right, Cedric?" WHAT?! SHE'S TALKING TO CEDRIC NOW? "Yeah, she is."

"Now, Charie, stop intriguing him. He might be scared of you." Jon teased lightly.

"Hey there! Charie, Jon, Let's go to school!"

"You could go ahead. This couldn't wait, eh?" Jon said eyeing Cedric happily.

"Yeah, really, Leanne, you could go ahead." Charie uninterestedly said.

"Okay then, you said that, you two!" I stared at them for a moment and saw that they held no interest of joining me on my way to school so I left. But then I felt two feet walking behind me, trying to keep up with my pace.

And then I saw Cedric's face...

To be continued.