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Sunday, October 11, 2009 @ 6:50 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 8*

Companions. :)

They all but stared at me until we were drowned by other groups’ noise. When they are sure they weren’t heard, one of my training mates in swimming named Arianna Ross told me, “Don’t worry, Leanne. We might not be there defending you when they are all around and teasing but we promise you” she glanced at all our group mates and continued, “we’ll still be at your side. We’ll be acting secretly, discovering what things could bring them down and make them all stop telling those mad stories about you and make them shut up forever.” she looked at another training mate of ours named Catherine Campbell. She whispered the continuation of Arianna’s oath, “That’s the sweetest revenge we could ever do to them. They’ll be humiliated by what they’ve done to you. I’m really sure ‘bout that.” and she winked at me.

Arianna, Catherine and I were never close before. We used to practice and compete in swimming before but we never really conversed about ourselves. Arianna is our level’s top student and she often makes the right decisions not only in life but also in school. Once, there was two boys she liked courted her. Now she was bound to choose who will she say yes to. One was a rock star and was a rumored bad boy in campus. He really had that looks though the second was more good-looking than him. The second, as I have described was more handsome that the first. He was the salutatorian of our batch, only next to Arianna. Arianna asked them to wait for a week or two so she could weigh her options carefully. She secretly watched her two ideals on their actions and found out that the first one wasn’t a bad boy at all. He just looked like it. The second was the bad guy. He boasts, and tells everybody that she’ll choose him against that rugged old rock star, as he quoted. So eventually, Arianna chose the rock star one and they’ve been going at it for two years now. They were never a gossip that they fought or something. They also look good together.

On the other hand, Catherine was Bradley’s twin. Bradley was an arrogant batch mate who sided those who are powerful and influential in the campus. He always wants to be their sidekick. Last year, when I won gold in a swimming competition, he confessed his feelings - or he said that they really were feelings in which he carried so long ago, only afraid that I might not like him back - but I wasn’t fooled. I know him for years and I wouldn’t bite the apple for I know that it had been rotten for years. So, getting back, Brad was really someone you wouldn’t and shouldn’t take too seriously. Especially when he lies to pledge his love or loyalty to you. On the contrary, Catherine is a very good lass. She is smart and talented and friendly. She takes life seriously and sticks to her decisions. She is really close to Arianna, she even address her as her non-biological twin. She’d rather choose Arianna than Bradley for a twin. Who would want Brad for a brother?!

The looked at me with deepest concern as if they thought I was afraid. It took a whole minute for me to go back on Arianna’s and Catherine’s background. They might be worried so I replied, “Thank you. But I really don’t need revenge and besides, you will all be involved here. What if you won’t succeed in this? What would happen to your reputations? I don’t want to entangle your lives and make them hell just like mine right now. I couldn’t stand it.”

“Leanne, I might believe that you’re going mad, huh?” Charie laughed at me once again. “Don’t take it too seriously. Nobody minds it that much. You’re troubling your self too much. What if the water reaches the glass’s brim? Relax, okay. We’re so sure about this. We have talked about the possibilities this act, or acts would upshot. I promise you: we would all be fine. We wont let those stupid hypocrites give us those gossips that, in reality, are shallow and nonsense. Right, guys?”

There rang different affirmations regarding Charie’s note. Then, a boy said, “Another thing, if we were damned too, you would have companions now. We could stick together and let them just talk about us. We wouldn’t care. We could live with or without them.”

“Yeah, that’s fabulous, Nath.” Arianna complimented.

“I guess you want to meet your loyal friends, eh?” Nath said, untouched by any pressure or worry the others, or only me feel. He seemed untroubled by the current situation and rather thrilled with their mission.

“Um, yeah.” I replied.

“Well, this is everybody. Arianna, Catherine, David, Jason - but of course you know them! You’re all train together, don’t you? - here’s Charie - she’s your best friend, I know!” she said when I rolled my eyes at her and continued. “Patricia, Helen, Allen, Laura, Michelle, John, Thomas, Jennifer, and me, your‘s truly, Dean” A girl beside him named Jennifer hit him at the head and he laughed, seeing my expression. “Yeah, I know. You could not just memorize this lot’s names this second. They could wait, you know. Don’t be pressured to much. You have a lot of things in your mind right now. We all know that. Now, rest here and we’ll do this.” he winked at me and turned to our other group mates while I rested my head on the wall. It’s really a time to rest.

To be continued.