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Sunday, October 11, 2009 @ 6:50 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 8*

Companions. :)

They all but stared at me until we were drowned by other groups’ noise. When they are sure they weren’t heard, one of my training mates in swimming named Arianna Ross told me, “Don’t worry, Leanne. We might not be there defending you when they are all around and teasing but we promise you” she glanced at all our group mates and continued, “we’ll still be at your side. We’ll be acting secretly, discovering what things could bring them down and make them all stop telling those mad stories about you and make them shut up forever.” she looked at another training mate of ours named Catherine Campbell. She whispered the continuation of Arianna’s oath, “That’s the sweetest revenge we could ever do to them. They’ll be humiliated by what they’ve done to you. I’m really sure ‘bout that.” and she winked at me.

Arianna, Catherine and I were never close before. We used to practice and compete in swimming before but we never really conversed about ourselves. Arianna is our level’s top student and she often makes the right decisions not only in life but also in school. Once, there was two boys she liked courted her. Now she was bound to choose who will she say yes to. One was a rock star and was a rumored bad boy in campus. He really had that looks though the second was more good-looking than him. The second, as I have described was more handsome that the first. He was the salutatorian of our batch, only next to Arianna. Arianna asked them to wait for a week or two so she could weigh her options carefully. She secretly watched her two ideals on their actions and found out that the first one wasn’t a bad boy at all. He just looked like it. The second was the bad guy. He boasts, and tells everybody that she’ll choose him against that rugged old rock star, as he quoted. So eventually, Arianna chose the rock star one and they’ve been going at it for two years now. They were never a gossip that they fought or something. They also look good together.

On the other hand, Catherine was Bradley’s twin. Bradley was an arrogant batch mate who sided those who are powerful and influential in the campus. He always wants to be their sidekick. Last year, when I won gold in a swimming competition, he confessed his feelings - or he said that they really were feelings in which he carried so long ago, only afraid that I might not like him back - but I wasn’t fooled. I know him for years and I wouldn’t bite the apple for I know that it had been rotten for years. So, getting back, Brad was really someone you wouldn’t and shouldn’t take too seriously. Especially when he lies to pledge his love or loyalty to you. On the contrary, Catherine is a very good lass. She is smart and talented and friendly. She takes life seriously and sticks to her decisions. She is really close to Arianna, she even address her as her non-biological twin. She’d rather choose Arianna than Bradley for a twin. Who would want Brad for a brother?!

The looked at me with deepest concern as if they thought I was afraid. It took a whole minute for me to go back on Arianna’s and Catherine’s background. They might be worried so I replied, “Thank you. But I really don’t need revenge and besides, you will all be involved here. What if you won’t succeed in this? What would happen to your reputations? I don’t want to entangle your lives and make them hell just like mine right now. I couldn’t stand it.”

“Leanne, I might believe that you’re going mad, huh?” Charie laughed at me once again. “Don’t take it too seriously. Nobody minds it that much. You’re troubling your self too much. What if the water reaches the glass’s brim? Relax, okay. We’re so sure about this. We have talked about the possibilities this act, or acts would upshot. I promise you: we would all be fine. We wont let those stupid hypocrites give us those gossips that, in reality, are shallow and nonsense. Right, guys?”

There rang different affirmations regarding Charie’s note. Then, a boy said, “Another thing, if we were damned too, you would have companions now. We could stick together and let them just talk about us. We wouldn’t care. We could live with or without them.”

“Yeah, that’s fabulous, Nath.” Arianna complimented.

“I guess you want to meet your loyal friends, eh?” Nath said, untouched by any pressure or worry the others, or only me feel. He seemed untroubled by the current situation and rather thrilled with their mission.

“Um, yeah.” I replied.

“Well, this is everybody. Arianna, Catherine, David, Jason - but of course you know them! You’re all train together, don’t you? - here’s Charie - she’s your best friend, I know!” she said when I rolled my eyes at her and continued. “Patricia, Helen, Allen, Laura, Michelle, John, Thomas, Jennifer, and me, your‘s truly, Dean” A girl beside him named Jennifer hit him at the head and he laughed, seeing my expression. “Yeah, I know. You could not just memorize this lot’s names this second. They could wait, you know. Don’t be pressured to much. You have a lot of things in your mind right now. We all know that. Now, rest here and we’ll do this.” he winked at me and turned to our other group mates while I rested my head on the wall. It’s really a time to rest.

To be continued.
Thursday, October 1, 2009 @ 7:09 PM
Treachery. *Chapter 7*

Child-At-Heart. ^^

He did take that as an order. He didn't follow me. I was alone. I can be myself.

Canteen. I was hungry that I ate a lot of this effin cupcakes. Hmn, with blueberries, I think. They're good but I never really paid attention to it. I just ate my heart out.

Couples' Park. Just a detour. At the end of the park, there's some kind of a play ground that's supposed to be used by kids but because the staff fear that the children may imitate what they see on the way - you know, couples all over the park showing affection - they made another one. I'm pretty sure this one's depeopled.

I reached the playground and I was right. I beamed while I took a sit in the swing. The air is really cool. I should enjoy this while I could.

But after minutes of alone time...

"Hey, Leanne! What's the screaming all about?" my best friend, seemed annoyed at my 'wooohs' and 'yipeeees'. She changed a lot when they suspected me as a crazy girl. Now, she's treating me like I have a disease or something.

"Oh, Charie, wanna come and join?" I don't mind what she'll tell the others. I just want to have fun. Be myself, just like what I'm doing before.

"Sure." she took a seat but refused to swing it. "I've got something to tell you and I want you to listen very carefully. You need to understand this. Please stop screaming first." she whispered in a voice that is mixed of curtness, concern and deliberation. As if she wants me to really grasp the meaning of her words.

"Okay." I giggled.

"Leanne Courtney Wolfe. I'm not being bitter to you or something. I'm not siding those damn hypocrite schoolmates of ours, either. But I will pretend, yeah, I'm just pretending to believe them. I'm doing that in order to know their hidden agenda and to do a sweet revenge on them. In a way that they will really have no holes to come out on. Including all the officials. They will be ashamed of believing such a thing. They'll be discovered as hypocrites who sides only on who has their needs. And eventually, today, it's that traitor neighbor of ours, Cedric." she said.

"Charie, you don't have to do this. But you know it's nice to know. I appreciate it so much but it's a risk, a very good one. What if they discover your plan before you do it? You probably know what will happen to you. You'll be removed from your cheering squad because of a crazy gossip they'll tell about you."

"Courtney." I really know she's serious about this now. She never calls me with my second name except if she's really serious. "I am fully aware of those. Like you said, I don't care. They could say whatever they want. That's all just words. But you're important to me compared to them. I would stand with you no matter what. Just be quiet about this and they'll never know."

"You really sure about this?" at last, my friend is still there.

"Of course. They'll be checking on your mails so we can't talk there. Don't do something they'll think silly at the moment. They might as well have someone to act as a surveillance personnel near your house to watch your steps. If I could make it earlier, I could prevent them from kicking you out of the campus. I know that's a bad record, but if I couldn't, I'll still find a way so that you'll get back there and they will be given a very dirty record for doing that to you."

"Thank you so much, Charie. I owe you my life. Please, take care." I'm already close to tears but I'll fight them back. They can't know we're having a serious talk here.

"Now, pretend like I'm humiliating you, like I'm telling you awful things." she looked scary at the same second she said it.

"O-okay." I said, unsure.

"Leanne! Look at yourself! You look so awful, playing in a playground. You're too old for this stuffs!" and she suppressed an evil laugh.

"Charie, I'm having fun here. Stop laughing. Why don't you just join me?"

"Join you?! Are you crazy?!" and she laughed again, this time hysterically. "Yeah, I forgot you are. Well, you're gonna be late for the next subject, which is Calculus and Mr. Holt doesn't approve of late-comers. Especially when they're crazy."

She left. Faking a laugh. She's so good at this.

I was alone. Again. I ran to my locker and grabbed my things for Calculus. I only have a minute left to make it. I really need to hurry or Mr. Holt will embarrass me in front of everyone.

I reached for the door for Calculus class and found it empty. Where are they?

"Oh, where are my classmates?" I asked. Loud enough to make people look at me.

"Look at her! She doesn't even have Calculus today but she came rushing to their classroom!" and the girl laughed so hard together with a bunch of friends. All of them wearing pink.

I hurried back to my locker and found out that it's not Calculus but Physics. I felt mad at Charie. I thought she was helping me? Why does she have to do that?

I opened the door and they are all busy with a group work.

"Why are you so late Ms. Wolfe?" Mrs. Blair, our professor, asked me. It surprised me that her tone was rather concerned than teasing.

"I looked at a wrong sched, Mrs. Blair. I'm so sorry." I said, looking at my feet.

"That's fine. Now, join Charie's group down there and they'll tell you what to do. You're only late for a few minutes, Leanne. You haven't missed much." she sounded like my mother when I was five and I can't still tie my shoelaces.

I sat beside Charie. And all their eyes were on me. They are all concerned, some looked at my like I am something pitiful to see but at least, they're not teasing, smug and bad.

To be continued.
Sunday, September 27, 2009 @ 5:34 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 6*

Cedric's Apology.

Yes, I'm mad. I should be. He's the reason the whole campus thinks I'm crazy. They're screwing up data such as the fact that I stay in the Couple's Park, that I hate the sun but love rainy days, that I love collecting doll clothes and not the dolls (D'oh! I want to be a fashion designer someday and I'm self-studying on how clothes are made.) and a lot more awful things. They also look up to Cedric as their 'Night in Shining Armor' or something for making them realize that I am really crazy. *sigh* Good thing I have a swimming training today. I might be able to be with Charie again.

I was pacing, nearly running and he caught up with me in no time.

"Leanne." he said, panting.

"Now what?!" I spatted, looking at my umbrella.

"Could we talk?" he said gently, as if I haven't shouted at him.

"About what? Facts that prove I'm crazy?" I said then laughed dryly.

"No. But it has a connection with that - now, could you please lower your voice?"

"So, what is it?" I didn't made an effort to answer his last question but lowered my voice.

"I'm so sorry. Sorry that you acted weirdly yesterday after History class and sorry that people are thinking that you're crazy for doing that. I'm really sorry -" I opened my mouth to argue but he shutted me up. "Please let me talk first. I'm really sorry about those things. I know you really love swimming but because of me, they're now removing you. I'm really very sorry. I'll do my best to fix everything. And I would like a little help from you. Please stop acting weirdly whenever you see me in corridors and avoid going in the Couple's Park these days. It would help them realize that all their suspicions aren't true." I could sense the sincerity in his apology but I can't seem to understand what he said.

"W-w-what?" I stared at him blankly while he looked more apologetic. "I am removed where? Please. Are you kidding me?"

"No. I'm serious." he hesitated, then resumed. "The student whom I think is your coach approached me happily yesterday before I go home. She said that you're not a part of the swimming team now that you're crazy." I noticed the tears falling through my cheek. "I'm really sorry, please don't cry. It only makes me feel more guilty. Please don't." But my tears just wont stop. "Okay, I'll make it up to you. I'll escort you anywhere, you could make me do anything as a punishment and you'll just stop when you think it's enough." he grabbed my hand and didn't even wait for my answer. He dragged me to our first class, History.

History was worse. The teacher wasn't calling me. Afraid of me, maybe. Stupid hypocrite he is. He likes me, he told me that. I'm his favorite. And because of those rumors, he's avoiding me now. Cedric realized the change and he looked more apologetically to me, waiting for an order I would make.

I wasn't really asking him anything. He just kept on following me all day. He even changed his schedule close to mine. All of them were thinking that he's doing it to monitor me and discover more theories to prove I'm really crazy. I could hear them cheering and encouraging Cedric while he threw them dirty looks.

At last, I knew what my first command will be. "Please, leave me alone. I need my privacy." I said when he absentmindedly attempted to enter the ladies' bathroom. He was surprised of what he was doing and stopped at the door. "Okay. I'm just here." he said, embarrassed.

Dang, the line's so long. After a minute or two, I went out and saw him talking to a man, familiar face, but I don't know his name. His probably just at the same year as ours.

"...so, uhm, yeah, I'm even thinking of making her fall in love to me so that I could monitor her longer." Cedric said what?!!

"That's a good idea! Very clever, people will be happy to hear this." the man replied.

"Hey, Cedric!" I called, pretending that I'm unaware of their conversation.

They both looked startled by my sudden appearance but composed their features abruptly. The man waved good bye to him and told him good luck and then he faced me.

"That was long, huh?" He was now changing the subject. Oh, crap, why did I believe him in the first place? Such a liar. I hate you so much

I placed a hand in his shoulder rather stronger than necessary and replied, "Long line."

Finally, the only class he hadn't managed to adjust to be with me, P.E. Coach Barner asked us to change fast and ready ourselves for a hard swimming training. I'm used to all of that, I thought smugly. After years of swimming training, it's just like walking and running to me.

"Class, I have thought of dividing you lot in groups. Group 1 would be doing the training first. The second after them. Get it?" said Mr. Barner.

"Yes, coach." We said altogether.

"Okay, Ms. Arden, Williams, Shrine, Rogers, Miller, Harris, Mr. Scott, Jones, Tennessee, Clark, Baker, Wilson, Murphy, you're all in the first group. Stay here and talk for your strategy.

"Ms. Diaz, Simmons, Foster, Powell, Woods, Wolfe, *wince* Ross, Mr. Bennett, Collins, Campbell, Lopez, Hill, Lee, you're all in the second. You stay here and talk of your strategy." he told us while we grouped ourselves on a corner and commanded the first group on the other side, "Hey, Group 1, you have fifteen minutes to brainstorm and then we shall start." he looked at us and said, "And to this group, while you watch and wait for your turn, you could brainstorm. There's a possibility that you'll do it tomorrow, if the time isn't enough."

After fifteen slow minutes, he paced to the other side of the pool and shouted to the stretching members of Group 1, "Ready... Set... *whistle*"

The time was spent only to their test and Coach Barner told us to prepare for tomorrow.

I spotted Cedric talking to the same man again. I already know his name. He's one of my teammates and his name is Bradley Campbell.

"...goodness, she's so tame today! No weird, crazy acts." Bradley beamed at him and he saw Cedric sigh so he composed his face again, "But we are supposed to spot her doing something strange."

"Yeah, right. I really guess there's another one, Brad. Oh, gotta go! She's probably waiting for me." Cedric said.

I pretended to read the bullettin outside the gym when he saw me and said, "How's P.E.?"


"Okay. Let's go and eat. I'm sure you're hungry."

"Naw. I want some fresh air. And I wont come to that stupid Couple's Park, so don't follow me anymore."

"Is that an order?"

"Obviously." and I walked away from him.

To be continued.
Friday, September 18, 2009 @ 6:47 PM
Treachery. *Chapter 5*

A Ride With Dad.

Yes, my guess is right. This day was ruined.

I wasn't able to see Cedric the whole day and every class was on slow motion. After the attention-catcher act after History class, the story spread-out like swishing air all over the campus and I could feel glares of everyone I bump into bore to me. It made me self-concious but I concentrated on how not to bump in lockers or doors. After all classes were finshed, I headed straight home wishing that I haven't.

"Leanne?" my Mom called.

"Yeah Mom. It's me." I said gloomily.

"You look sad. Any problem?"

"Naw. Just tired." I turned my back on her and saw her reflection in the mirror on my way. It's half worried and half curious. How much does my mom know?

I reached the door of my room, opened it and lied down on my bed. I was too tired and problematic to remember changing clothes first. I recalled it just when I stopped thinking of the scene where I behaved far from myself. It was like someone was controlling me. But that's far too impossible to happen.

I was never a fan of magic, cults or even supernatural things. But now, I'm starting to think that because of my description to them, which is repulsive, I was feeling what it was to be one of them now. And I have nothing to do to stop it. *wallbash to the infinite power* I'm crazy, I know it. Doing those, I'm sure I'll be entered to a mental hospital seconds from now.

The next thing I knew, it was dinnertime.

I slept so sound that I ruined the order in my bed. I am 100 percent sure there's a problem with me now. Since Cedric came, my peaceful life was destroyed. Who is he by the way? Intruding, destroying my life? Argh! I really hate him.

"Leanne, sweetie, come downstairs and eat. Your brother's already finished." my mom called.

"Okay." I said, in a voice that is so low I wonder if my mom heard it at all.

"Leanne? - Oh, maybe she's still asleep, James. Please go and check."

"Sure." my dad's voice and footsteps getting louder. I should pretend to be asleep for a while, at least. So that they wont think I'm slumping here or something.

Knock, knock. "Leanne. Come downstairs and eat, okay? I'm sure you're hungry. Wake up now." daddy's calm voice called for me and I looked at the mirror to see if I look convincing.

I looked like I just woke up but nothing's wrong. I opened my door.

"Hey... Dad... What were you... saying?" I said grumpily. I was just acting and I think my dad's pretty convinced about it.

"Go downstairs and eat. We're already finished but we left some for you. I know you're hungry." he looked tired and sleepy so I just went downstairs.

"Mom, sorry I wasn't able to join you tonight. I just woke up."

"That's fine, dear. I understand. You're tired, right?"

"Mmm-hmmm." I said as I nibbled mom's delicious steak.

"Eat well and dress up to bed. Okay?"

"Yes, Mom."

After a few minutes, I finished eating and changed. I brushed my teeth and had a shower. Then, I fell asleep. Again. :))

Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk. Loud clanks from the roof woke me. It's raining. Yey! I might regain my old self with this. I love rainy days.

I dressed for school and ate breakfast. My dad invited me for a ride to school and I said yes. I miss our car so much.

"Dad, what happened to your radio? It sucks." I told him.

"Poor signal. It's raining, remember?" Dad said.

"Ow. You might as well buy a new antenna for your radio when you buy new wipers." I reminded him.

"Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot. Thanks for recalling! - Oh, here we are. Have you brought your umbrella? It's raining hard. - Goodbye, then."

"Bye, Dad. See you later." I waved at him.

Out on the distance, I saw him. The reason for my hardships, Cedric. He's walking with a small umbrella and he's kind of wet already. I felt the urge to go near him and ask him to join in my umbrella instead, since it's a bit bigger than his. But I fought it. I was mad with him. I shouldn't do that. Or am I really mad?

To be continued.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 @ 8:43 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 4*

Envy. :/

The whole History class went on a slow motion, much to my disappointment. Mr. Brown discussed about the first topic about U.S. Government and Politics. Ugh, he said we will have a test tomorrow and I didn't even understood anything. All I did was to scribble unintelligibly, on which he thought was my notes. He said that this topic is not in out book so we need to take down notes. I wonder if Cedric done it. Stop *wallbash* thinking *walbash* about *wallbash* him.

The bell rang. "Hey, Leanne, have you jotted down notes?" Cedric asked.

"Naw. I just scribbled in front of the monster." I sort of joked.

"Ow. I see. I guess I have to borrow to other's instead."

"Yeah, you'd better."

He half-ran to one of our girl classmates and talked to her. I could see the girl stare at me for a couple of times during their conversation. I stayed at the middle of the corridor, frozen at my current spot, unable to move and speak. I suddenly felt a twinge of something unrecognizable. It was something so intense that I could run to the girl and pull her hair out of her scalp. What is this feeling? I haven't felt this before, yet, nobody did me wrong... but why do I want to rush to that girl whom he's talking to and tell her off? Urgh! You're completely crazy, Leanne.

"Leanne!" Charie irritatedly called. She was waving her hands infront of my face all along. Why didn't I notice?

"Oh, Charie, what is it?" I looked at her apologetically and was glad that she didn't searched for what I was staring at.

"You are frozen in the middle of the corridor, blocking the way of everyone just to glare to them." She emphasized those words as if to make me realize what I was doing. And I did. She even pointed to their direction the moment she reached the word them.

I stared at the place where the two of them talked and saw them walking together, the girl's shoulders were shrugging so fast it doesn't mean like she's answering something. Ah, yeah, the girl is laughing. Cedric is obviously lolling, unaware of the people's stares at the two of them. Argh! I really want to hit that girl straight to the face and...

"LEANNE! STOOOOP!" Charie, angry now, followed and stopped me by gripping my so tight it might've resulted to a broken bone. "WHATEVER YOU'RE PLANNING, JUST STOP RIGHT NOW!"

"What am I doing wrong?" I asked, flabbergasted. "I'm just... yeah, what am I doing, anyway?"


I guess, this day is ruined.

To be continued.
Monday, September 7, 2009 @ 7:43 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 3*

Couples' Park.

I tried to walk in fast paces but Cedric still follows my steps without any difficulty. What is his problem, by the way? Among all persons in this place, why is it that I'm the one he's following?! I could feel the stares of our neighbors bore to me and to him.

"Hey Leanne, in a hurry?" Oh my gosh! He's starting the conversation now. Cut it. Cut it. Cut it.

"Yeah-I-am." I said in a rush voice.

"Why?" he asked.

"I forgot a homework or two at my locker."

"Oh, you have a homework for today? I don't have one. Could you let me copy yours?"

"Sure, I'll hand them to you later - Good morning too, Ronald." I greeted the guard who let me in without checking if I have my ID. We're buddies, Ronald. :) Luckily, Cedric was left there, arguin with him 'coz he haven't brought his ID and that he's a new student and everything. I'm gonna use this time to go to my fave place in school. I'm sure he can't find me there. For a newbie like him, that place wont attract him so much.

Here I am, my fave place. :D It's the school park known as Couples' Park today. A place where lovers usually go and show some affection. It's natural now that they're a bunch. But single girls never stay here, they usually get jealous. Charie even advised me to find a new fave place 'coz this is too love-aired, as she said, but I wouldn't trade this for a new one yet.

I sat on my permanent bench and watched the couples. Some of them holding hands and both beaming, one having a word war ("YOU TOLD ME I'M THE ONLY ONE YOU LOVE!!!! THEN WHO'S THAT GIRL?!!!!!" "I'M SO TIRED OF YOU OVER-ACTING. FOR THE TWENTIETH TIME, SHE'S JUST A FRIEND!!" "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, YOU LIAR!!!" "THEN LET'S END THIS UP!!!"), one kissing like there's no tomorrow, one at their courting stage. I smiled as I saw the girl hesitating to the boy's touch even though it's obvious that he likes him too. Then, I also saw a very handsome boy, but he's alone. That face?! No girl friend? Quite impossible in this school. He might've just splitted up a while ago... - I stopped dead to stare at the boy more closely... CEDRIC?!! How could he find me here? No one ever told him that this is my favorite place! Grrr!

"Charie, there you are!" he called from a distance.

"Yeah, hahaha." I laughed humorlessly.

"I thought you forgot to do a homework or two? Then why are you here without any notebook?"

"I was... wrong. Those... were... due tomorrow." I lied but I'm sure he's not deceived.

"Oh, could you help me in doing them, then?"

"I think that'll be taught again today. You could just listen to our professor."

"Okay. I guess I'll... see you around." He seemed sad. Why?

"Yeah. I guess... so."

Why is he sad? And why am I feeling sorry for him? Yeah, I feel a bit guilty of putting him away. I'm sure he's not an idiot to believe on those lies. It's so obvious. He looks so smart and he could've realized it in a second even if I do them in codes. Oh well, there's no point in feeling guilty now. I need to rush to my locker to get my things for the first subject. I don't want to be late in History. Mr. Brown is so strict.

I half-ran to my locker and got my things. I have nearly five minutes to be safe from Mr. Brown's punishment for late ones and I was lucky to get there on time. By the time I sat on my chair at the middle isle, (I was infront and the chair beside me is always empty, actually, it's the only one unseated.) Mr. went in and greeted us all.

"Good morning." he said in a cold voice. It sounds like he wants to scare us but he's always like that and we're used to it. So we answered, "Good morning Mr. Brown." in chorus of different pitches and sat down on our chairs.

The door swang open. Out there was a sweaty, panting, handsome guy... It occured to me after a whole minute that it's... Cedric. Again. And he's going to sit on the only vacant chair at this classroom. The chair beside mine. Amp. Amp. Amp!

"Good morning Mr. Ayala. But I'm afraid new students, not because they're new here can just run and interrupt a class about to start. As a new student, Mr. Ayala, you need to get used to rules of the school and at this point in time, my rules inside my classroom. My only rule is this, No one, and I really mean no one, is allowed to be late no matter what the reason is. Do you understand, Mr. Ayala?" he said curtly.

"Yes, Mr. Brown. I am so sorry to be late in your class. I promise to never get lost before your class, sir." he answered with his eyes lingering on me.

"I believe you know Ms. Wolfe?" he gestured towards me. "Your eyes always goes to her since you entered my class." he made a hand sign so Cedric, that was about to interrupt, stopped at once, "I don't care if you're courting her, Mr. Ayala. But you could do that after my time so please take a seat beside her and forget about the courtings for an hour and a half." He stared at the chair, apparently making Cedric seat there and spoke again. "I will permit you to skip today in my punishment but the next time that you come in late, you'll get twice of it, you get it?"

"Yes Mr. Brown." said Cedric nervously.

To be continued.
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 @ 2:10 AM
Treachery. *Chapter 2*

The Ayalas.

Morning. I woke up at 6:00am and I was surprised to see the clouds but not the sun. What's wrong today?

*Yawn* "Now this is the Good Morning!" I rose and ran downstairs. It's pretty obvious that I'm enjoying myself. From the view I saw at my room... By the way, my room has the prettiest view of all the rooms in the house. It's at the second floor and has a small terrace. You could see both the sunrise and sunset there. My mom bought me a small tea table but I'm using it when I make my assignments. The room needs no light anymore. The terrace gives enough light for it. I asked dad to put some spotlights in it so that I could use them when I feel to. I have a large bed and every week, our maid changes its sheets. This week, the color combination is green. I have a couch near my bed with throw pillows of different sizes and a flat screen TV. I also have a DVD player and stacks of Cd's of my favorite. Near it, is my laptop and study table. My study table is spacey and clean. I have a small cork board to remind me of thing to bring and everything. I asked for a small cabinet near it where I will place my study things of all sorts. I also have my own washroom at the corner of my room. I asked dad to put a tub there so I can enjoy my bath. Just beside it is my dressing room. My cabinet (which is covered with glass) is sliding and that's where I put my bags, shoes, accessories and clothes. My mom is so organized that she asked the carpenters to place shelves for my things.

"Enjoying the sunless day, eh?" my Dad guessed.

"Absolutely." I beamed at him.

We have backed macaroni and garlic bread for breakfast today. After eating my meal, I went upstairs to prepare. I was about to leave when the doorbell rang.

*Ding dong!* then my dad opened the door. I could hear clearly what he says to the visitor. "Oh, good morning, Reema! You're our new neighbor, right? So nice of you to give us spaghetti! Come in and meet my family!" my dad maybe is the most hospitable person I have met.

"Thank you. What's your name again?" the woman said.

"James. James Wolfe. Here's my wife, Margarette, my daughter, Leanne and my son, Riley."

"It's nice to meet you -"

"Reema. Reema Ayala. And my son - Hey, Cedric! Come over here and meet our new neighbors. - this boy, is Cedric. Probably just Lianne's age." the woman finished.

So they're really rich! The Ayala's are known almost all over the Philippines for a place named after them, Ayala Alabang. I think they also have a partnership with Sy Group of Companies. Y'know, the owner of SM Malls. Lol.

"It's nice to meet all of you. And good morning." said Cedric with an affable smile showing his gleaming white teeth inside those pinkish lips. His eyes were black and happy and I could see those laugh lines. Argh! He smiles arrogantly.

"Y-yeah, n-nice to meet you too." Why am I struggling with words?! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Mrs. Ayala said they still need to stroll and meet the other neighbors that's why they need to go. My mom obviously looks interested in the way she dresses. I mean, the way she mixes up clothes and carries them. My dad, smiling too much - it seems to me like a smug one and he keeps on looking at me with bigger smiles - said good bye.

As I went out of the house, I quily spotted Charie and Jon. Probably they're waiting for me. We always go to school together.

"...she's beautiful, right, Cedric?" WHAT?! SHE'S TALKING TO CEDRIC NOW? "Yeah, she is."

"Now, Charie, stop intriguing him. He might be scared of you." Jon teased lightly.

"Hey there! Charie, Jon, Let's go to school!"

"You could go ahead. This couldn't wait, eh?" Jon said eyeing Cedric happily.

"Yeah, really, Leanne, you could go ahead." Charie uninterestedly said.

"Okay then, you said that, you two!" I stared at them for a moment and saw that they held no interest of joining me on my way to school so I left. But then I felt two feet walking behind me, trying to keep up with my pace.

And then I saw Cedric's face...

To be continued.